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Cryptocurrency exchange Binance unveiled and quickly removed its new Twitter emoji after users pointed out it resembled a swastika.

According to cryptocurrency news site Coindesk, after the backlash the emoji was quickly taken down by the company, which is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of daily trading volume.

After un-releasing it, Binance and its CEO Chanpeng Zhao also deleted all recent tweets containing its hashtag, which would autogenerate the new emoji.

In a tweet, they company acknowledged the issue and said it would be releasing an alternate logo.

“Well that was obviously really embarrassing,” Binance tweeted only hours after releasing the offensive emoji and then deleting it. “We’re not sure how that emoji got through several layers of review without anyone noticing.”

The swastika looking emoji was released on April 20, which is Adolf Hitler’s birthday, a connection that did not go unnoticed with social media users.

The digital coin company was previously denounced in 2017 for using a logo that bore close resemblance to the Star of David. In an ad announcing it would distribute “GAS” tokens, the firm used a banner displaying a logo that had the same shape and resemblance to that of a Star of David.

A tweet featuring that ad was deleted on Wednesday at the same time as the other tweets were removed.

The emoji was created by Binance with Twitter’s hashtag tool which gives a company the ability to display their brand’s emoji when a user tweet’s the company’s hashtag.

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