Flag March
Flag MarchElyashiv Rakovsky/TPS

400 youths and adults holding Israeli flags have begun to march from Safra Square in central Jerusalem toward the Damascus Gate of the Old City, around a mile away.

Police refused to authorized the planned route of the march, citing security considerations, and have positioned squad cars and trucks at Tzahal Square, between Safra Square and the Old City, preventing the marchers from progressing. Despite efforts by the marchers to circumvent the blocks, so far they have met with no success.

Meanwhile, the Hamas terrorist organization issued a warning of what would occur if the Flag March "provocation" went ahead: "The leadership of the occupation will bear full responsibility for the consequences of this Flag March or any other dangerous and provocative actions," it said in a statement.

A senior police commander has stated that whatever happens, MK Itamar Ben Gvir will not be allowed to approach Damascus Gate, following the decision of the Prime Minister to bar him from the site.

"We will not permit MK Itamar Ben Gvir to approach Damascus Gate, and from a legal perspective, we are entitled to prevent him from going there," the police commander said, contradicting Ben Gvir's insistence that his parliamentary immunity accords him the right to go wherever he pleases.

בן גביר: "לאחמד טיבי נותנים להסתובב, למה לי לא?"

At Safra Square, MK Ben Gvir approached the local police commander and demanded to see the order prohibiting him from entering Damascus Gate. "I heard from the media about the decision not to allow me to enter Damascus Gate," he said. "Show me the order; I do not want to confront you, I love you."

Ben Gvir later announced that he would not continue the march towards Damascus Gate, adding that blocking the marchers was "shameful."