MK Ben Gvir outside Old City of Jerusalem
MK Ben Gvir outside Old City of JerusalemYosseleh Bergman

Speaking at Safra Square in Jerusalem, just minutes away from the Old City's Damascus Gate, MK Itamar Ben Gvir insists that he is heading to Damascus Gate along with other marchers.

"Ahmad Tibi can go wherever he wants; why can't I?" he said.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced that Ben Gvir would be barred from approaching the Damascus Gate, the scene of violent confrontations between Arabs and security forces over the past few weeks, citing security concerns and the recommendation of the GSS (Shabak).

Ben Gvir responded that no one had contacted him personally to inform him that he was not to approach Damascus Gate, adding that he would not "take orders from Bennett, [Public Security Minister Omer] Barlev, or the Shura Council," and noted that his parliamentary immunity should permit him to go wherever he pleases.

"A day after closing the Temple Mount to Jews, because the Shura Council decided that was to happen, Prime Minister Bennett is definitively dividing Jerusalem and outlawing the raising of the Israeli flag. After abandoning both police and citizens, he has morphed into a dictator who restricts the freedom of movement of Knesset members - which contravenes our parliamentary immunity. Bennett is creating political spin at my expense," he added.

"If police and the organizers of the march do not reach some form of compromise, I intend to arrive at the Damascus Gate, without requesting permission from Bennett, Barlev, or the Shura Council," Ben Gvir concluded.