Firefighters at the hotel
Firefighters at the hotelOperational footage from Eilat Fire and Rescue Services

Fire and rescue teams are operating at a hotel in the southern city of Eilat, after an employee mixed dangerous chemicals.

The hotel's guests have been evacuated from the pool.

The event began after a hotel employee charged with operating the pool mixed together dangerous chemicals. The resulting reaction harmed the employee, and dangerous material began to spread throughout the operational level of the hotel.

Firefighters wearing special protective suits are at the hotel monitoring the concentration level, blocking the spread of the gas, and have reached an advanced stage of suctioning the chemicals.

Meanwhile, vacationers at the hotel and its employees have been evacuated from the public areas and instructed to enter their rooms or remain in areas which have already been carefully checked by the firefighters and were found to be free of the dangerous materials.

"An incident of this type has a very great potential for many casualties," the firefighters explained

Police have emphasized that "there is no danger to the public" but have sent Yassam fighters to aid the hotel's staff in evacuating the site.