Picture of the missing teen
Picture of the missing teenIsrael Dog Unit Public Relations

Avraham Moshe Klinerman was reported missing from his home in Modi'in well before Passover, and was last seen in the Meron area on March 25, 2022.

New evidence has suggested that he was abducted, as opposed to merely missing. The Israel Dog Unit, a nonprofit specializing in search and rescue that has been involved in the search for Avraham, reports having recieved a threatening WhatsApp message claiming that Avraham had been captured in and would be killed in twenty-four hours. The message was sent in Arabic from a Jordanian telephone.

Avraham has been attacked by residents of the Palestinian Authority in the past; he is described as bearing a distinctive scar on his forehead from a stone hurled at him by a resident of the PA town of Kifl Haris. His father Shmuel reports that he was hospitalized by the incident, and was permanently changed by it. "He was never the same since the attack. He wanders about confused, constantly traveling in a state of perpetual unrest."

Gita, Avraham's mother, added "We originally thought he was traveling around, but that he surely would return for the Passover seder. That was our red line. The seder came and went, and the chair we set for him remains baren. I plead with you, please help distribute his picture. Someone must have seen him somewhere."