Speaking to Israel National News from Warsaw, Poland, Rabbi Shalom Stambler of Chabad Warsaw explains that they have been welcoming refugees since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

“Every day hundreds of people came to our doors and we managed to give them what they need, a place to stay and food three times a day. Now we are getting ready for Pesach,” Rabbi Stambler says.

They rented a hotel for the refugees where they will be holding a Passover Seder for around 250 people.

“The refugees have been coming from all over Ukraine,” he says. “Each one has his own story, but at the end of the day they are heroes and they are looking forward and they are trying to manage and to do constructive actions to built a better future for themselves.”

They are planning for a very nice Seder meal to help the refugees feel better about their situation.

“Our goal is to give them the opportunity for a few hours to forget about the disaster which they’ve been doing through. This is why they are going to get a very nice meal with matzahs with very good fish and chicken and meat. We also made sure that before Pesach they are getting new clothing. Every family got special cards to be able to buy with these cards shoes in a well known store in Poland.”

Thanks to the generosity of Jewish communities around the world, they have enough supplies for all the refugees they are caring for.

“With the care of so many Jews we have got enough supplies to feed them not only on the seder nights but every day during Pesach they will be getting three meals a day, including matzah and everything they need.”

What is the rabbi’s Pesach message?

“The refugees came to Poland but instead of being depressed they are getting connected to happiness, to joy, they were all celebrating when they found out one of the refugees gave birth to a boy. They are all waiting for the brit milah,” he explains.