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New York University (illustrative)iStock

The Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) has called on New York University (NYU) School of Law to take all necessary disciplinary measures against a group of students who signed a statement justifying and legitimizing the murder of Israelis and using anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jewish-controlled media and politicians.

The statement, drafted by NYU Law School’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, has elicited harassment complaints from Jewish students who say that the letter, and some of the responses it sparked from students, constituted vicious anti-Semitic attacks.

The statement, which was in response to a letter distributed by Law Students for Israel condemning the recent terrorist attacks in Israel which claimed the lives of 14 people and calling for peace, states among other things that Israel is not a victim, “the Zionist grip on the media is omnipresent,” and talks about the “hold Zionism has on the narrative in the US and Western world.”

“The student signatories to this statement are peddling some of the worst and most historically deadly anti-Semitic screeds against Jews, similar to those used by Hitler to justify the Holocaust and utilized today by far-right and neo-Nazi conspiracists like former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke,” said Sacha Roytman Dratwa, CEO of CAM.

“The defaming of the national liberation movement of the Jewish people in its indigenous and ancestral homeland is not a mere legal matter, it provides a tailwind for terror and attacks on Jews. We have seen far too many murderous attacks on Jews in the U.S. in recent years parroting these same conspiracy theories against Jews and Jewish collectivity that have ended in bloodshed. This is sadly no mere academic matter, but a matter of the safety and security of all Jews whose fellow students read this hate and incitement.”

“We call on NYU Law School to take all the necessary disciplinary action against the signatories and their supporters who have already started threatening Jews on social media as a result of this statement.”

According to reports, when other student groups wrote to the law school’s all-student listserv to express their support for the statement, various threats were made against Jews on social media, such as, “all Zionists to die,” while another student likened the Jewish State to a disease.