Aviel Sheyin -Stevens
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When Joseph Biden was campaigning for the 2020 US presidential election, he promised to nominate a black woman to sit on the US Supreme Court.

US Presidents are entitled to nominate Supreme Court justices who represent their party and its values. Thus Biden picked the Democrats’ quintessential Supreme Court justice: Ketanji Brown Jackson.

The first black woman would have been sitting on the Supreme Court 17 years ago. However, then-Senator Joseph Biden filibustered her nomination. For nearly 2 years, Senate Democrats — led by Biden — filibustered the nomination of then-California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown to the D.C. Circuit. She likely would have been the first black female US Supreme Court Justice, after Justice Sandra Day O’Connor retired from the Supreme Court in 2005. Brown was reportedly considered as a nominee to replace O’Connor; however, Brown was ultimately not nominated to the US Supreme Court due to the antics of Biden and other Senate Democrats, after her nomination to the D.C. Circuit in 2003.

And today, Republican Senators were generally opposed to Jackson’s nomination because of the danger she poses to the rule of law and the American family.

US media operatives expected everyone to fall in line with the Democrats on Jackson because she is a black woman, and they proclaimed it was rude to ask her questions; especially, any questions about her record.

In April 2022, Bess Levin of Vanity Fair stated:

“Less than a year ago, Senator Lindsey Graham voted to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, which is often seen as a stepping stone to becoming a Supreme Court justice. Now he’d like people to know that not only does he believe she’s a danger to the rule of law, but he opposes her SCOTUS [Supreme Court of the US] confirmation so vigorously that he’s going to go nuclear over it should Republicans take back the Senate.”

Whereas, just three years ago, all 47 Senate Democrats vigorously opposed the “all but certain to be sworn in” Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett.

The US Senate voted 52-48 to confirm Barrett, and voted 53-47 to confirm Jackson. Barrett got zero Democrat vote. But Jackson got a few votes from Republicans, who Democrats, anyway, still consider “racists.” Three Republicans, including Mitt Romney, helped make Jackson an associate justice-designate.

Regarding the charge that Senator Graham voted to confirm Jackson to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, but opposed her becoming a Supreme Court justice, the Democrats established the precedent for that. Four years ago, as it became clear that left-wing feminist accusers of Trump’s US Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, were lying maniacs, the entire Democrat Party establishment and their media poodles declared: The Supreme Court is different from an Appellate Court!

Democrats adore criminals and hate the police. For the past two years, Democrats have been wailing: “Defund the Police!” Moreover, Democrats have in fact been defunding the police and springing criminals in Democrat-run cities across America.

And now, the pro-crime party, the Democrat Party, nominated and confirmed a pro-pedophiles and pro-transvestites black woman, as associate justice-designate of the US Supreme Court.

As indicated at her nomination hearings, Jackson adores defendants in child pornography cases. She is partial to all criminals, but her child porn cases clearly make the point.

In seven out of seven child pornography cases that came before her, where the sentencing of the convicted defendant was up to the judge, she imposed sentences that were a fraction of those recommended under the sentencing guidelines. In all seven cases, her sentences were also far below those requested by the prosecutor.

Her preference was not three years instead of four years, but three months instead of 10 years. When the federal sentencing guidelines recommended eight to 10 years, Jackson sentenced a convicted pedophile to three months.

On average, Jackson gave child porn defendants sentences more than five years below the minimum per the guidelines.

Furthermore, Jackson rejects the scientific reality of male and female, and blames her rejection on “science.” As demonstrated at her nomination hearings, she cannot define who is a woman. In other words, she is pro-transvestites.

Increasingly, across the world, Establishment elites and their acolytes have been pushing the rejection of the reality of male and female.

At a National Health Service (NHS) hospital in Britain, a woman was raped in one of the supposedly single-sex wards. Hospital staff said, the reported incident was not true, telling police officers: “There was no male in the hospital, therefore the rape could not have happened.” Hospital staff further advised police that the patient could not have been raped because her alleged attacker was transgender and has been defined as a woman. But CCTV and witness statements confirmed the allegation. Yet it took a year after the reported rape took place, before the NHS hospital was willing to admit to the incident.

Now doctors in England are required to ask any male patient scheduled for an X-ray or MRI if he is pregnant. The official policy to “ask men if they are pregnant” was fully endorsed by the British Society of Radiographers.

Recently, Faye Fadem, a transvestite “rapper,” made headlines after releasing a rap calling for the murder of author J.K. Rowling, essentially because Rowling believes that women exist. Fadem also spoke of “killing TERFs.” A TERF is a “trans-exclusive radical feminist,” i.e., a woman, who accepts the reality of biology.

Twitter, which openly and notoriously bans rightists for any flimsy reason, refused to ban Fadem’s video. It was after a massive uproar arose against Fadem’s threats that Twitter reluctantly removed the video. But it allowed Fadem to retain this threat: “I put out a new music video today for anyone who has ever thought about punching a TERF in the throat.” Remember, a TERF is a woman that accepts biology.

So Twitter could ban someone for saying “biological women exist” and expunge the tweet for being “offensive.” But if a left-wing person says, “Punch biological women in the throat,” the leftist will not get banned, and the tweet won’t be deleted.

Recently, New York City’s Department of Health chief medical officer, Dr. Michelle Morse, apologized for referring to women who give birth as “mothers,” when she should have said “birthing people.” She vowed never again to “gender” birthing people by using such a vile word as “mother.”

The ruling elites around the world are getting more reckless about destroying society to fulfill their left-wing agenda.

A black woman sympathetic to pedophiles and transvestites just got confirmed as associate justice-designate of the US Supreme Court.

Jackson was chosen based on her race and gender; however, her constituency is not her race or gender, but the globalist elites. She is a tool for the globalists to destabilize the American family, and ultimately American society, by destroying the mother/father and man/woman dynamics.

Ketanji Brown Jackson is a pro-pedophiles/pro-transvestites associate justice-designate of the United States Supreme Court: An empty vessel for the global elites, rendered untouchable by race and gender.

Dr. Sheyin-Stevens is a Registered Patent Attorney based in Florida, USA. He earned his Doctorate in Law from the University of Miami.