New York Governor Kathy Hochul spoke to reporters on Tuesday afternoon about the mass shooting at a Brooklyn subway station in which at least 16 people were injured.

After NYPD commissioner Keechant Sewell provided an update, saying that no explosive devices were found on trains and the attack was not being investigated as terrorism, Hochul told the media that it was a time for New Yorkers to “pull together.”

Hochul called the subway shooter “an individual so coldhearted and depraved of heart that they had no caring about the individuals that they assaulted as they simply went about their daily lives.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, the shooter was still on the loose. The governor described the investigation as an “active shooter situation” and asked New Yorkers to remain vigilant and alert.

“The entire state of New York stands with the people of this city,” Hochul said. “And we say no more. No more mass shootings. No more disrupting lives. No more creating heartbreak for people just trying to live their lives as normal New Yorkers.”

“It has to end and it ends now," she added.

Hochul said she was committing the full resources of New York State to combat the surge in crime in New York City which she described as “this insanity that is seizing our city.”

“We ask everyone to be careful, be cautious, report what you see,” she said.

The governor called for New Yorkers to pay close attention to the details of what the suspect looked like and the description of what they were wearing in case anyone could provide information to authorities.

“This is a day we pull together as New Yorkers united in a common purpose to say, ‘No more.’ And that is what I am going to continue to do as governor of New York working with our local partners.”