IDF operation in Jenin
IDF operation in JeninIDF spokesperson, Flash 90

The IDF on Monday night operated in the Jenin area to arrest wanted terrorists suspected of intending to carry out terror attacks in the immediate future.

Arab reports said that during the operation, there were heavy exchanges of fire between the IDF and the terrorists. There were no injuries among the Israeli forces.

Over ten people suspected of involvement in terror were arrested.

Earlier, a stabbing attack in the southern city of Ashkelon left a police officer lightly injured. The officer was stabbed by an Arab suspect in an apparent terror attack during an operational activity.

Police said the officer began inspecting the person who aroused his suspicion, and the suspect pulled out a knife and attacked the officer.

Israel Police said that the officer "responded quickly, fired, and neutralized the suspect." The suspect has been identified as a Palestinian Arab in his 40s from Hebron.