For over two weeks the financial hub and capital of China, Shanghai, has been locked down as part of China’s no-tolerance Covid policy. Some 26 million people languished in their apartments, many without access to food. Those who left home risked arrest and incarceration by an army of government workers dressed in hazmat suits. Those with Covid were shipped off to quarantine facilities, as reported by Reuters.

A video posted to Twitter Saturday shows people screaming from their homes:

Another video posted to Twitter shows how drones are telling residents to "control the soul's desire for freedom."

Pockets of protest have popped up against the strict Covid restrictions, as can be seen by a video posted to Twitter Saturday:

All of Shanghai has been locked down since April 1. The eastern third of the city has been locked down even longer -- since March 28. The national government has sent in reinforcements to fight the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid in the capital, with at least 2,000 military medics and 10,000 medical workers brought in from other provinces

Despite the reinforcements, medical staff are overworked, as can be seen in this video posted to Twitter, with patients carrying a collapsed doctor:

Under zero Covid, all inhabitants of Shanghai underwent mass testing. Anyone infected is taken from their homes and quarantined. All close contacts of the infected are also taken away and isolated. The rest have been barred from leaving their homes or apartment buildings.

A video posted to Twitter last week shows a couple falling to their deaths from their apartment.