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The UK government’s independent adviser on antisemitism called for the National Union of Students (NUS) to be sanctioned over its “poor treatment” of Jewish students.

Lord John Mann made the recommendation days after the NUS’s new president Shaima Dallali was forced to publicly apologize for past tweets offensive to the Jewish community, including tweeting the Islamic chant calling for “the army of Mohammed” to attack the Jews.

Dallali was also severely criticized for having the slogan "Death for the sake of Allah is our most exalted wish" in the bio of an old account. The phrase is used by Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The NUS also came under fire in March after it reportedly said that Jewish students who were outraged that anti-Israel rapper Lowkey was the headline musical act at its conference could have the option of being placed in a separate room while he performed.

According to the Times, Mann called on the government to enact tough sanctions on the student union as “escalating revelations about the continuing poor treatment of Jewish students and the lack of leadership on anti-Jewish racism from the union” are being revealed.

He also said that the NUS should lose its access to ministers, be denied a place on committees or groups where the government has control over membership and not be allowed to sit on higher and further education bodies.

In order to address the issue without resorting to sanctions, Mann said that the government should meet with the Union of Jewish Students and agree to a “permanent action plan” to allay their concerns.

He called for the NUS to stand before the Commons Education Select Committee to explain how it will ensure “respect for all Jewish students.”