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Israel backed an anti-Russia resolution in the United Nations Thursday, citing recent reports of Russian massacres of Ukrainian civilians.

The Israeli mission to the United Nations voted to back a General Assembly resolution to suspend Russia’s position on the UN Human Rights Council.

In a statement released by the Israeli Foreign Ministry Thursday evening, the Israeli government explicitly condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and blamed Moscow for the deaths of Ukrainian civilians.

“Today, Israel supported a UN General Assembly resolution to suspend Russia's membership on the UN Human Rights Council in the wake of the war in Ukraine, Russia's unjustified invasion of Ukraine, and the killing of innocent civilians.”

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid emphasized that Israel still regards the UN Human Rights Council as a “morally-flawed” entity, and biased against Israel.

"Today's vote doesn't change our position regarding the UN Human Rights Council, which is an extremist, morally-flawed, biased, and in its very essence, an anti-Israel body that has been exploited as a political tool since its establishment by the world's main human rights violators in order to, among other things, attack Israel."