The severe damage caused
The severe damage causedIsrael Police

During a joint operation, Shabak (Israel Security Agency) and Israel Police detained for questioning two individuals suspected of placing an explosive device in the Health Ministry office in Nazareth in November 2021.

The device exploded at the entrance to the office, and caused heavy damage to the building.

The investigation of the incident and the circumstances surrounding it was led by Shabak together with Yamar, due to concerns that the harm to a government institution was carried out due to enforcement actions by the Health Ministry and Israel Police and out of an intention to dissuade the authorities from carrying out similar actions in the future.

The two suspects arrested have been named as Jefar Fakhouri, a 20-year-old resident of Nazareth; and Ali Kalibaat, a 23-year-old resident of Basmat Tab'un.

The investigation showed that Fakhouri and Kalibaat, along with another party, were involved in the placement of an explosive device at the entrance to the Health Ministry office. Indictments against them will be filed Thursday with the Nazareth District Court, by the Northern District Prosecutor's Office.

"We take seriously harm to government institutions," Shabak and Israel Police said in a statement, adding that they will "continue to act in accordance with the authority given to them under law, and to act using all means at their disposal in order to bring to harsh justice all of those involved."