Idit Silman
Idit SilmanSraya Diamant/Flash90

Shmulik Silman, husband of coalition chair MK Idit Silman (Yamina), has clarified that his wife will not compromise on any of the issues connected to Israel's identity as a Jewish state.

In an interview with Galei Israel Radio, Silman said, "Everyone has red lines. Idit told me that what is the essence of the hametz (leavened products) debate? The value of friendship. What's the big deal about compromising? Will someone enter a mosque with shoes? No. Will they pass a law about it? No. You'll respect it."

"Idit will not sell her portion of the World to Come in exchange for anything," he emphasized. "Come to a Jew and say, 'Sell your World to Come in exchange for money. Do you know anyone who will agree? She has made a personal decision: The daycare decree will not happen. There will be no conversion [reform], and there will be no Reform compromise plan, because she wants her part in the World to Come."

"Every person has a red line, where he tells himself, 'I cannot take part in this event anymore.' There are things that she cannot compromise on."

Regarding the prospect of the coalition breaking apart, Silman said, "If Idit comes home, she will find a great job in the Health Ministry. It's all good, nothing happened and it's not the end of the world."