MDA ambulance (archive)
MDA ambulance (archive)MDA Spokesperson

A two-year-old toddler nearly drowned Sunday morning in a tub at her home in the southern city of Rahat.

The toddler was brought to the Magen David Adom clinic in Rahat. MDA medics and paramedics provided the toddler with medical care and evacuated her to Soroka Hospital while performing resuscitation operations.

MDA paramedic Guy Sadeh and senior paramedic Atef Abu Saad said: "When we arrived at the clinic, we were taken to the treatment room where the toddler was lying unconscious and the doctors there performed CPR after she nearly drowned."

"We continued to perform advanced and prolonged resuscitation operations that included massages, resuscitation and medication, put her in an intensive care unit and evacuated her to the hospital while continuing to perform resuscitation operations when her condition was critical," the two said.