Netanyahu addresses Congressmen
Netanyahu addresses CongressmenBinyamin spokesperson

In a special Congressional virtual mission organized by the Binyamin Regional Council and the Yes! Israel Missions, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told US Congressmen that the current Iran deal is a huge mistake that not only endangers Israel, and the whole Middle East region, but it endangers America as well.

Binyamin Regional Governor Yisrael Gantz introduced the special talk between Netanyahu and the US Congressman speaking about the recent wave of terror we are experiencing here in Israel and thanked them all at the end with the message that we all must do everything to stop the dangers that threaten us all, all over the world, espcially the Iran threat.

Former Prime Minister Netanyahu gave over the following message about Iran to Senator Mike Lee, Congressmen Jim Jordan, Louis Gohmert, Andy Harris, Andy Barr, Doug Lamborn, Bill Johnson, Barry Moore and Russ Fulcher.

Netanyahu started with the good news "that Israel is stronger than ever....economically because of free markets", but then went straight to express the bad news about Iran which threatens the survival of Israel and endangers the whole world including America.

Netanyahu said unequivocally that "We have to stand up to Iran. We have to prevent Iran from nuclear weapons."

"Obviously, if Iran has nuclear weapons it's very bad news for basically everyone. It's very bad news for Israel, clearly, but it's also very bad news for America."

"Iran will become a threshold nuclear state in three years. This is what this agreement does. It doesn't stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons, it paves its way to do so with an international seal of approval."

Netanyahu further expressed how the people currently leading the negotiations know that it will not prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. That they are negotiating an agreement of containment, not of prevention.

"They are not in the business of prevention, they are in the business of containment and they are making a historic mistake, a mistake of monumental proportions."

Netanyahu summarized his point to the Congressman with the final message that "you do not contain an Islamist bomb, you prevent it."