Mansour Abbas
Mansour AbbasNoam Moskowitz, Knesset spoksperson

Ra’am chairman MK Mansour Abbas responded on Wednesday to opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu, after Netanyahu said that a government that depends on the Islamic Movement is unable to adequately fight terrorism.

“Last year during Operation Guardian of the Walls we sat together three times in Balfour, we negotiated a partnership between the Likud and Ra'am as well as a coalition agreement. Were we not part of the Islamic Movement back then?" said Abbas.

Speaking in an interview with Channel 12 News, Abbas commented on the wave of terrorism in Israe and said, "We call for thousands of policemen to be deployed and for weapons to be collected. I call on anyone who has a weapon to hand it over to the police."

The Likud said in response to Abbas’ remarks, "We never offered Ra’am to be part of the government and the simple proof of this is that if we had agreed to it, we would have formed a government in 2019 when they offered it to us. A government that depends on the Islamic Movement cannot really fight terrorism."