Ukrainian Jewish refugees  prepare to fly to Israel via Moldova
Ukrainian Jewish refugees  prepare to fly to Israel via MoldovaNati Shohat/Flash90

A new survey by Maagar Mochot and Israel Hayom revealed that Israelis support a balanced policy on the subject of the war in Ukraine and refugees.

When asked how they see the wave of immigrants from Russia and Ukraine as influencing Israeli society, 34% said they see it in a negative light, 17% said they view it positively, 28% said they view it both negatively and positively, 7% said there will be no effect on Israeli society, and 14% said they did not know.

At the same time, more than half (51%) of Israelis support Israel's efforts to broker an agreement between Russia and Ukraine. One-quarter (25%) said they do not support the efforts, while the remainder (24%) said they do not know.

When asked how they view Israel's position on the war, 47% said Israel has taken a balanced stance, while 25% said that Israel should support Ukraine more. Five percent said Israel should support Russia more, and the remaining 23% said they do not know.

Regarding Israel's absorption of refugees fleeing Ukraine, 35% of Israelis said that only those eligible for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return should be allowed entry. A similar number, 33%, said that everyone should be allowed entry until the end of the fighting. Another 18% of Israelis said Israel should minimize as much as possible the entry of refugees, by means of strict quotas. The last 14% said they do not know.