Weapons seized by Netzah Yehuda
Weapons seized by Netzah YehudaNahal Haredi Foundation

Official police data published this morning in Israel Hayom reveals that 82% of firearms offenses carried out in Israel in the 2021 calendar year were carried out by Arab Israelis.

According to the data, 3,630 deadly weapons offenses were recorded over the span of 2020-2021; 2,966 of which involved Arab citizens of the state.

Despite the alarmingly high number of cases, however, police and state prosecutors continue to have a difficult time when it comes to locking up dangerous criminals. Only 119 of cases involving deadly weapons charges against Arab Israelis have resulted in indictments (4.1%).

There is a marked difference when it comes to Jews committing crimes involving deadly weapons. Jewish citizens of the country have faced 58 indictments on weapons charges, accounting for just 9.7% of the overall cases over the same period of time.