Mickey Levy
Mickey Levyצילום: שלו שלום, TPS

The official Twitter account of Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy (Yesh Atid) posted a comment Tuesday lambasting the haredi community and mocking residents of Bnei Brak who welcomed mourners during the funeral procession of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky this Sunday.

Levy’s account retweeted a post highlighting numerous signs posted in Bnei Brak Sunday by locals offering mourners refreshments and use of their bathrooms during the massive funeral procession following the death of Rabbi Kanievsky.

“Where are there other people like this? In what other city could you find people who open their doors to any other Jew? We’re proud to live in Bnei Brak, a city full of Torah, kindness, and giving.”

In response to the post, Levy’s account commented: “Blah blah blah…Anyone who lets his brother died on his behalf in the army and doesn’t share the burden is neither kind nor giving.”

Following criticism on social media, Levy’s office responded, saying that the Knesset Speaker was not responsible for the post.

“He is on a flight and this really does not represent his views. An employee responded from his own personal account, but accidently sent it from Levy’s account. The offending post has been erased.”

MK Itamar Ben-Gvir (Religious Zionist Party) responded in a statement, saying: “Even if the comment was written by Levy’s office and not by Levy himself, it shows that the hatred for haredim within the Yesh Atid party has become obsessive.”

“Mickey Levy’s aides would never have written such things – even by accident – against Arabs or the Islamic Movement. But when it’s against haredim, they feel free to attack and slander. Embarrassing.”

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