Stone-throwing in east Jerusalem
Stone-throwing in east JerusalemFlash90

Judge Avraham Rubin of the Jerusalem District Court has sentenced Salah Bakirat to 30 months in prison with an additional 6-month conditional sentence, after Bakirat, a Jerusalem-area Arab, was convicted of committing racially-motivated terrorist crimes and intimidation against Jews.

Bakirat's crimes were committed during the Muslim month of Ramadan in April, 2021, during a time when many violent, racially-motivated crimes against Jews were recorded across the country.

According to the terms of Bakirat's indictment, "These incidents included violent rioting, throwing stones and other objects, and premeditated frontal assault including use of weapons and knives. Many of these attacks were videotaped and the documentation uploaded onto social media."

In one incident, Bakirat threw stones at a Jewish-owned car from just a short distance away in what was ruled to be an attempt to murder the occupants of the vehicle or at least to cause them grievous bodily harm. In another instance, he attacked two Jews, whom he will now be ordered to compensate.

Judge Rubin noted that, "The accused attacked the values of human life and bodily integrity, values which are self-understood to be of overriding importance. The crimes committed by the accused fall into the category of terrorist attacks with a racial motivation, committed during a sensitive period of time. The accused also disturbed the public order."

He added that, "The severity of the crimes was compounded by the fact that they were committed during a sensitive period during which both civilians and security forces came under attack in Jerusalem due to racial motivations, and due to the fact that he uploaded documentation of the attacks onto social media. These two factors show the accused's intent to commit these crimes and contribute to the wave of violence that was then prevalent."