Prime Minister Bennett
Prime Minister BennettIsrael National News

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett addressed the upcoming funeral procession of Rabbi Kanievsky at the opening of today's cabinet meeting.

"Rabbi Kanievsky, the spiritual leader of the generation, will be buried today. With the trauma of what took place in Meron still fresh in our memories, this type of tragedy must not be repeated," warned Bennett.

In order to prevent overcrowding and risk to life, the Bnei Brak municipality has installed dozens of huge screens and speaker systems along the funeral route. The municipality has also urged parents to warn their children "to stay out of congested areas..."

The city's municipality urged people to "desist from climbing onto bus shelters and the roofs of buildings [for a better view of the procession]. This presents a clear danger to life," reads the statement. "The entire area is hermetically secured by Israel Police without any access points, so attempts to enter the area are useless and dangerous," it continues.

The Communications Ministry has called on the public to refrain from making non-urgent use of their cellphones to ensure sufficient coverage for emergency usage. In case of emergency, people are advised to call the 100 hotline even if there appears to be no reception. Due to the expected congestion, difficulties are expected in issuing and receiving calls during the funeral.