Ukrainian refugees arrive in Israel
Ukrainian refugees arrive in Israelצילום: תומר נאוברג, פלאש 90

Israel has accepted more than twice as many Ukrainian nationals as refugees than it has immigrants from the Ukraine since the Russian invasion began last month, according to a report Friday morning by Israel Hayom.

Since the war began on February 24th, Israel has accepted as refugees 7,437 Ukrainian citizens who are not eligible to immigrate to the Jewish state under the Law of Return.

In that same period of time, however, just 3,695 Ukrainian Jews or relatives of Ukrainian Jews eligible for the Law of Return have been allowed to immigrate to Israel.

The relatively low number of immigrants allowed into Israel is not due to a lack of demand, however, the report found, with more than 10,000 Jewish refugees who have already fled Ukraine now residing in camps in Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Moldova, waiting to receive immigration permits to Israel.

Furthermore, an estimated 5,000 other Jewish refugees who fled Ukraine to border countries have since moved on westward to other European states – in particular Germany – in many cases after the refugees tried to immigrate to Israel but grew frustrated with the delays in receiving immigration permits.