Nitzan Horowitz and Ayelet Shaked
Nitzan Horowitz and Ayelet ShakedYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked refuses to have state to fund medical insurance for the refugees absorbed by the state.

A heated argument erupted between Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked and Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz during a cabinet meeting discussing the refugees from Ukraine.

Shaked said she is not prepared for the state to fund private health insurance for the refugees. Three sources present at the meeting said that Shaked clarified that "this will not happen." Horowitz then fired back, "This disgrace will not happen."

Channel 12 News reported on Thursday that Meretz and Labor do not intend to concede on this issue, and Horowitz said in closed conversations: "It is inconceivable that people come from a war and do not receive medical treatment. It is a shame and a disgrace and this disgrace will not happen."

Shaked said in response that "these are not refugees but people who come on a tourist visa. They will receive urgent care, but there are families who are hosting them and they will look after their private insurance."