A drone camera allegedly caught Russian soldiers shooting a civilian who had his hands up, according to German broadcaster ZDF.

The footage, obtained from an anonymous source in Ukraine, contains two clips from the afternoon of March 7. One of them is two minutes long and the other is four minutes long.

The videos were filmed by a Ukrainian surveillance drone over the E40 expressway located several miles west of Kyiv.

The footage shows Russian identified tanks parked near a gas station. In a forest next to the tank there are soldiers carrying rifles.

At 2:16 p.m., the drone films several civilian cars driving towards Kyiv. The first cars appear to have noticed the Russian tanks and turn around. A silver-grey car instead stop.

Someone exits the car with their hands up and appears to be shot by the Russian soldiers. This person immediately falls down behind the car. The soldiers leave their spot in the first and run over to where the man fell.

The soldiers were identified as Russian from the white bands they wore.

The shooting of civilians is a crime under the International Criminal Code.

ZDF attempted to verify the authenticity of the footage. It tracked down the volunteer pilot of the drone. The time stamp and geo-tracking information on the video seemed to confirm that it was real.