Ukrainian Jewish refugees prepare to fly to Israel via Moldova
Ukrainian Jewish refugees prepare to fly to Israel via MoldovaNati Shohat/Flash90

Hundreds of Jewish families who until last month lived in Kyiv, Uman, Odessa, and other cities in Ukraine, are now refugees living with friends or relatives. Many of them left with just a small suitcase, and lack proper clothes, toys for their children, household necessities, and other items.

On Tuesday, Kikar Hashabbat reported that in the Gerrer hasidic sect, hasidim came out with a spontaneous initiative to provide aid to Ukrainian Jews, calling on their community to donate clothes, linens, toys, and everything they can for the refugees.

In the Gerrer community in Ashdod, the call was swiftly answered, and within a few hours the girls' seminary building filled with bags with toys, sheets, towels, and warm clothes - all new and in original packaging. The packages will be sent in the next two days to the committee helping Ukrainian Jews, which will distribute the items to the refugees.

The principal of the Gerrer seminary in Ashdod, Chava Whiteman, said that the collection will continue, so that there will be no home in Israel which lacks what it needs to pass the winter safely.

"We will continue collecting the products for our brothers who escaped without anything from the fear of the war," she told Kikar Hashabbat.

Tali Broyner, who is leading the initiative, told Kikar Hashabbat, "As Jews, we cannot remain indifferent to the horrific sights of our brothers from Ukraine, who lost their entire world. We are here to help with whatever we can - that is our moral obligation."