German Raskov Semionov, the father of German Rozhkov, came to see Yossi Dagan, the head of the Samaria Regional Council, at the border between Moldova and Ukraine, and asked for his assistance.

The younger German was killed in a battle near Hanita twenty years ago this month, when he attacked a group of terrorists who were firing at vehicles and was shot while trying to defend civilians. German was awarded a posthumous citation for his bravery.

Dagan knew German personally, as he was the commander of a platoon of yeshiva students serving in Shavei Shomron, where Dagan was living at the time.

German's father broke down in tears when Dagan told him, "I got to know your son personally - he was a hero of Israel. We spoke many times, and one of his soldiers was my brother-in-law." Dagan then promised the father, "You are not alone. The Jewish People owes you a debt that cannot truly be repaid. Your son was a hero who fought for the State of Israel, and you will never walk alone. We will take care of all your needs and will help you reach Israel."

Dagan then contacted the head of the World Zionist Organization and the action head of the Jewish Agency, Yaakov Hagoel, who became very emotional upon hearing the story, and told the older German: "I'm sending you a big hug from Jerusalem in the name of the entire Jewish People. The Jewish Agency is leading one of the largest immigration operations in recent years, and is making huge efforts to rescue Jews from all areas of conflict. The State of Israel has a moral debt to your son who fought in battle, and we at the Jewish Agency will do what we can to repay it."

Hagoel then arranged a permit via the Israeli Consulate for German's father to immigrate to Israel immediately, and Dagan accompanied the older man to the Consulate where they met with Foreign Ministry representative Reuven Azar, who arranged all the necessary paperwork. Dagan with other members of the delegation he led from Samaria then settled German and his wife in a nearby hotel until their flight could be arranged.

Dagan also showed German pictures of his son taken during his army service which he had managed to obtain from his brother-in-law, who served under the younger German.

German's home has been bombed and he and his wife were both wounded. "The worst is behind us now," he said. "From here on, everything will be okay. I have no words to thank you - you are angels," he told the Israeli team. "I lost my son and now I've lost my home; it's hard to absorb what's happening."