Ambassador Asaf Zamir introduces the new NYC-Israel Chamber of Commerce
Ambassador Asaf Zamir introduces the new NYC-Israel Chamber of CommerceFredrickson Studios

The Government of Israel Economic Mission to the US- East Coast, the BIRD Foundation, and the new Israel-NYC Chamber of Commerce this past Thursday jointly hosted New York City Mayor Eric Adams, the Consul General of Israel in New York Ambassador Asaf Zamir and the Director General of the Israel Ministry of Economy and Industry Dr. Ron Malka for an evening reception focusing on public safety and advanced municipal solutions.

“Israel has been a great partner and we look forward to continuing to work collaboratively to come up with forward-thinking solutions as we tackle public safety and boost our economies,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said. “We share the same drive to move forward, to always be better, and to use technology in a positive way, and that is why the NYC-Israel Chamber of Commerce will help New York City remain a center of innovation.”

The event, “NY + Israel = Safer, Smarter Cities,” also featured the newly appointed CTO of New York City Matthew Fraser, as well as two technology companies, EasyAerial from Brooklyn and BWR Robotics from Israel, who shared their collaboration story.

The solution developed jointly by the two companies, a specialized drown, is used by the NYFD to track fire and support early response. The BIRD Foundation (Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation) is a bilateral program between the American and Israeli governments that provides up to $1 million in matching funding for joint research and development projects between American and Israeli companies.

The event was held at the Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn and was very well attended by diverse attendees of the New York and Israeli business ecosystems.

The event highlights the close relations between New York City and Israel, and the strong impact these relationships have not only on innovation, economic growth and job creation in New York and in Israel, but also on solutions that contribute directly to the everyday lives of New Yorkers, such as their personal safety, and improved technological platforms to support a smart and advanced management of the city.

“Cutting-edge technology and visionary political leadership are the key ingredients for making large cities safer and more economically vibrant,” Ambassador Asaf Zamir said. “The New York-Israel Chamber of Commerce is beginning a mission to do that by pairing Israeli and New York-based companies and individual innovators, all with the support of the city's elected leaders.”

Director General of Israel's Ministry of Economy and Industry Dr. Ron Malka said, “Israel and New York City enjoy a long lasting relationship, one that is well anchored and that is mutually beneficial. Israel is well known for its innovative capacity and its entrepreneurship. It enjoys one of the most highly educated, entrepreneurial, and multicultural workforces in the world. Israel and New York City share a joint vision for smart and safe cities. Collaboratively, Israel and New York City will reap the benefits of their cultural diversity and translate it to ground breaking innovation.”