Clothing donations outside Pitchon Lev
Clothing donations outside Pitchon LevCourtesy

Pitchon Lev, one of Israel's largest humanitarian organizations leading the way towards breaking the cycle of poverty in Israel, has delivered a shipment of 5,000 items of clothes intended for recent refugees from Ukraine.

A few days ago, the organization received a request from Nazareth Illit's Mayor, Ronen Flot, to utilize the organization's center in the city, due to the foreseen number of new immigrants who fled the Ukraine due to the war that recently broke out.

In the next few days, Pitchon Lev is planning to broaden its humanitarian assistance for new immigrants from the Ukraine with additional donations of clothes and other items to other cities around Israel.

Pitchon Lev CEO Eli Cohen said: "The new immigrants who came to Israel had to leave their homes and change their entire lives overnight. Some of them did not even have the opportunity to say farewell to their families and without knowing if or when they will see them again."

"They arrived here after a long and unbearable journey. The least we can do for them is to receive them with a lot of warmth and respect and to supply the basic humanitarian aid they need.

"As part of our activities as a national humanitarian organization, we assist new immigrants on a daily basis, so certainly we will assist new immigrants coming due to a humanitarian crisis.

"This is the main reason we delivered today the first shipment of aid, and soon we will continue and deepen our humanitarian assistance for them."