A group of over 100 members of the UK Jewish community have denounced the British government’s Ukrainian refugee policy, chastising Prime Minister Boris Johnson for allowing in few refugees while the war continues.

Over 100 community members, including rabbis and leaders, signed an open letter to Johnson slamming the lack of visas granted to Ukrainians fleeing Russia’s invasion, the UK Jewish News reported.

The letter, produced by the Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE), was written after it was revealed on Monday that the government had only granted 50 visas to Ukrainian refugees.

Though the number of visas increased to 300 by Tuesday, JCORE stated that the figure means the UK has only granted safe haven to 0.015 percent of the 2 million Ukrainians who have fled the conflict.

The letter stressed that the Jewish community is “watching with horror the dreadful scenes and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, following Russia’s invasion.”

“Images of refugees desperately attempting to escape the country, in search of safety, are particularly resonant to us,” it said, noting that many British Jews are descended from refugees who fled to the UK as a sanctuary.

The letter called the government’s “seeming inaction” in response to the refugee crisis “deeply shameful” and said that the signatories were “horrified that around three times as many had been turned back at Calais [France] and denied entry to the UK.”

“The heart-breaking scenes of refugees desperately attempting to escape Ukraine in search of safety are particularly resonant to our community,” JCORE executive director Edie Friedman said. “The prime minister must step up, and following the example of our European neighbours, waive visa requirements for Ukrainian refugees.”

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