Hotel in Eilat (illustrative)
Hotel in Eilat (illustrative)Flash 90

Israel's Tourism Ministry will present a new plan to bring new life to the Negev region and the city of Eilat, Israel Hayom reported.

The plan, which will be presented in the coming weeks, will need to be approved by the Israeli government. It will divide the Negev into five areas, each with its own character - from health tourism near the Dead Sea to nature phenomena in the Arava.

Details received by Israel Hayom show that the Ministry's plan is very ambitious, including the construction of many hotels throughout the Negev. Some of the hotels will be owned by the large, well-known chains and others will be smaller, simpler, hotels which will provide more convenient pricing for those wishing to visit the area.

The Tourism Ministry is planning for the construction of luxury hotels of the highest standard in the world, as well as the construction of "glamping" sites and three- and four-star hotels.

According to Israel Hayom, there is already a great demand from entrepreneurs to invest in land in order to develop tourism offerings in the area.

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