A Jewish baby refugee in Hungary
A Jewish baby refugee in Hungaryצילום: Banner Media

As of yesterday, one of the groups of Ukrainian Jewish refugees had arrived safely on the other side of the Ukrainian border, reports Rabbi Peretz Krohn of Uman. “Safety,” however, remains a relative term.

The families are sleeping on mattresses on the floors of refugee housing, with only the belongings they were able to stuff into a single suitcase. They are currently running low on food, and the babies reportedly need formula. A terrifying video shows Jewish families searching a completely empty gas station near the border for food.

Donations are being collected here and go toward food and other basic necessities like toiletries for the now homeless Jewish community.

In videos of the refugees, they try to smile and thank donors for their help. It is clear to see upon looking closely that men, women, and children have tears in their eyes. It is a heartbreaking sight to see.