Searching for the terrorist
Searching for the terroristIDF spokesperson

An IDF spokesperson on Thursday afternoon confirmed that a stabbing attack in an Arab village was motivated by "nationalist" motives.

IDF forces are hunting for the perpetrator, the spokesperson added.

The IDF investigation showed that the 40-year-old victim entered a store in the village of Hizma, and was stabbed. Later, he arrived at the Hizma checkpoint with stab wounds to his upper body.

At the checkpoint, the victim received initial medical aid and was transferred to a hospital for continued care.

Thursday morning's attack was the second stabbing in Hizma in two days: On Wednesday evening, another man of about the same age was stabbed in the upper body and and moderately wounded.

After the second stabbing, Galei Tzahal reported that Israel's defense establishment is investigating whether the two stabbing attacks were carried out by the same terrorist.