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We have a Jewish state in Israel, but we lack Jewish sovereignty. Sure, Jews are the majority in Israel, and Jews control the government, but we’re not exactly Jewish in spirit. We are not a Torah nation, so we lack Jewish sovereignty.

The Arabs were afraid of us. They felt bitterly threatened by the establishment of a Jewish state. It was an existential threat to their faith and claims. We were a major threat to Islam, which claimed to replace both Israel and Christianity. Now they are willing to make peace with us. What has changed?

Why do the Arabs no longer feel threatened by us? Because we are not really Israel. We are not what they feared. We are a hollow shell to them. Physically, we are Israel, and God has Fought our wars for us against them, but spiritually we are empty. We surrender to them and relinquish our sovereignty.

What is Jewish Sovereignty?

Jewish sovereignty is the political control of Judaism, not of Jews, but of Judaism itself. Not as a religion, but as the governing authority presiding over the nation, with its Laws. Jewish sovereignty is the sovereignty of the Torah.

We do not have this in Israel. We may be called Israel, but we do not live up to the name in practice. You can blame secular Jews, saying they want to be like other nations with secular laws, but they are not the only ones. Even religious Jews do not ask for Jewish national sovereignty. They do not ask to change the laws.

The dream of religious Jews is for the Mashiach to come and rebuild the Temple, with the Sanhedrin/Supreme Court beside it, for there to be true peace and Justice in accordance with the Torah; for Israel to serve God. The three main things hoped for in this dream are king, Temple, and Court. Three things easily achieved if we had Jewish sovereignty. The problem is that we don’t.

The problem lies with us, all of us as a nation. We are Jews, but we do not strive for Jewish sovereignty. We are happy to dream about it and wait, not to wake up and make it our reality. We do not think or say it openly, and we do not vote it into action. We do not ask for Jewish sovereignty.

What We Have Instead

What we have instead is Jews ruled by foreign laws and influences, not very different from how we live in exile. We might have a lot of Jews in the Knesset, but they are not bound by the Torah, and they do not even take it into consideration when legislating laws that are binding to us all.

We have observant Jews in Israel who try to keep the Torah, but they do so on a personal and communal level. When it comes to the nation, they are bound by foreign laws, some of which go blatantly against the Torah. And we are all bound by these laws as individuals, forced to act against the Torah.

I will give you an example. Adultery is banned by the Torah, but not by the Israeli lawmaker. The police will not arrest an adulterer, and the court will not try him. A man will have to respect the right of another man to seduce his wife, or the right of his wife to be seduced and even impregnated by another man. Forcing someone to accept this is like forcing him to reject the Torah.

Then we can talk about it on a national level. Adulterers are not punished in Israel, which means that the Torah is not enforced. The ban on adultery is the Seventh Commandment, and a capital offense according to the Torah, yet we ignore the Torah and even reject it. We live in a nation that rejects the Torah, which makes us all sinners collectively.

We, as a nation, impose this upon all men: There is nothing a husband can legally do to stop his wife from committing adultery, except perhaps divorce her. Should he choose to divorce her, we then help her take his children and money with her. He might even be forced to pay her rent, and the rent of the adulterer she moves in with, because his children live there, and we force him to support them.

We are responsible for this. We tolerate adultery. Adulterers and adulteresses are our voters, and they might even be our lawmakers. An observant Jew might not like it, but he is forced to accept it. He is forced to accept the lack of Jewish sovereignty in Israel, and that he plays a role in it.

What Can We Do?

What can we do about the lack of Jewish sovereignty? We can speak out and act against it. Identifying the problem and calling it out is a very good start. Most people seem oblivious to this reality. They are fooled to think that we have Jewish sovereignty. You might even be puzzled by what I am saying, which means we have a serious lack of awareness in our nation.

We can say this in so many ways and with so many words, and we should. We should constantly repeat it until it is brought to our national awareness. We should say it until it is obvious to us all, that we do not really have Jewish sovereignty. We have been fooled.

The next step is to act upon this knowledge. Lucky for us, we have elections very often in Israel, as if God is constantly asking us to wake up and think again. Well wake up and think again. We can vote the problem out of existence. We can vote the Torah into the government. We can vote our enemies out.

Our politicians have been fooling us for years. They are working against us. They helped us gain national sovereignty in the past, but they also sold us out to our enemies. They are traitors to the Jewish people. They lead us to rebel against God. We can vote them out, where they belong, and bring in worthy replacements.

Our lack of Jewish sovereignty begins with us. We have neglected to take responsibility for ourselves and our nation. We have relied too much on other people to save us, and we have relied on God to save us from them. We need to start relying upon ourselves as well.

The solution is to take the initiative and act. That is the requirement of sovereignty, to seize authority. We do not need to be politically correct or acceptable to the nations. We need to be true to God and bound by His Laws.

Yshai Amichaiis a father of six and an author with a legal education, whose books advocate upholding the Torah as a national Constitution. He may be contacted at: [email protected]