Ted Belman
Ted BelmanPR

-After the fall of the USSR, the US invaded Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq , and Libya.

-America overthrew Mubarak, the long standing ruler of Egypt and installed its own regime and attempted to do the same with Syria.

-It expanded NATO eastward after promising not to do so.

-It handcuffed Israel, thereby violating its sovereignty, and demanded Israel cease settlement construction and back the two state solution.

America subverted democracy in its own country beginning with the Obama presidency, continuing to do so through the Trump years and now in the Biden/Obama term. Obama pledged to transform America and he did, for the worse.

He did this by subverting the constitution, corrupting the deep state, in particular, the FBI, DOJ, DOD, CIA, Judiciary and IRS to name most of them. Obama and his coterie did their utmost to prevent Trump from getting elected in 2016.

Rather than accept the results they began a campaign to undermine Trump's presidency with the use of lies, defamation, illegal prosecutions and hoaxes. They were aided and abetted in this by the Main Stream Media, Social Media Giants, Hollywood, cancel culture and the way they handled covid-19..

They also created their own brown shirts and black shirts, namely Antifa and Black Lives Matter, like Hitler and Mussolini did, in order to have a lawless para-military force to wreak havoc, fear and despair. They chose not to prosecute members of these organizations who committed crimes and destruction. On the other hand they attacked MAGA supporters as being insurrectionists and terrorists.

Then the ultimate corruption was their destruction of the election system with the introduction of limitless mail in ballots, fake ballots and questionable ballot counting, the use of manipulative machines and Zukerberg money.

Finally, Ukraine. It is rated as the most corrupt country in Europe. Clinton and Biden took advantage of that corruption to add to their coffers. (Their bloody history of Jew hatred speaks for itself.)

And we are supposed to believe that Russia is the bad guy. .