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Jewish fraternity students at Indiana University were targeted with a series of “disgusting” antisemitic posts that are being investigated by campus police.

The anonymous online comments were made on the Greek Rank website and have been taken down after the university requested their removal. Indiana University police are attempting to trace the IP of whoever was behind the anti-Jewish comments, WTHR reported.

Indiana University said that the person who left them will be reprimanded.

The site Greek Rank is an anonymous message board that contains discussions about campus fraternities.

On Sunday, a user posted multiple antisemitic comments, threatening Jewish students and urging other students to “get them off our campus.”

According to the president of Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi, Tyler Burnett, the comments were “venomous.”

"One of the posts said, 'Take them back to gas chambers where they belong. Boycott all the Jewish houses,’” Burnett told the news outlet.

The statements are being investigated as a crime. Burnett said that in response campus police have increase patrols at Jewish fraternities.

In a Monday letter addressed to students, Indiana University Provost Rahul Shrivastav denounced the statements, which he described as “disgusting.”

“This attempt to anonymously spread hate is cowardly, horrific and simply unacceptable in the IU community,” he wrote.