Three Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem were arrested Sunday night, after they filmed themselves humiliating and mocking a haredi man with disabilities.

A complaint was filed with police Sunday evening regarding a viral video posted to the TikTok social media outlet which showed the three suspects humiliating and mocking the haredi man in the Old City of Jerusalem, Kikar Hashabbat reported Monday.

Within hours of the complaint, officers identified, located, and arrested three suspects.

The suspects, all residents of the Old City of Jerusalem, were 13, 16, and 30 years old respectively.

During questioning after their arrest, the suspects told police the video was just “a joke”.

Police confirmed the incident and subsequent arrests in a statement Monday.

“In keeping with the policies of Jerusalem district commander Doron Turgeman, all of the units in the district are committed to dealing firmly and without compromise to locate, investigate, and handle suspects who carry out crimes while filming unacceptable actions, then spreading them on social media – adding ‘sin to the crime’.”