The stolen weapons
The stolen weaponsIsrael Police spokesperson

Deactivated old weapons were stolen Friday night from the Golani Museum at the memorial site for the brigade of that name, located at the Golani Junction.

Israel Police have arrested six people suspected of breaking into the Golani museum.

The suspects are in their 20s and 30s, and are residents of the Bedouin Arab town of Tuba-Zangariyye in northern Israel. It is suspected that the thieves planned to make the weapons usable again, to be used in criminal activities.

The suspects were spotted by a female telephone receptionist employed by SWS Security - North and the Valleys. She was watching security cameras at the site when she identified two masked suspects. Immediately, the receptionist passed the information to the police, who arrived at the scene and began collecting evidence.

On Saturday morning, Israel Police located a mortar stolen from the museum. Later, police said they had located the rest of the weapons, which had been hidden under rocks and bushes in an open area. The items will be returned to the museum.

On Saturday night, the suspects will be brought to court for an extension of their arrest.

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