IDF soldiers arrest terrorists (archive)
IDF soldiers arrest terrorists (archive)IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Overnight Wednesday, under the direction of intelligence from the Israel Police, IDF troops arrested a squad of terrorists who threw firebombs at the fence of the community of Migdal Oz in Gush Etzion.

Reserve fighters from the 8132nd Battalion entered the Palestinian Arab villages of Beit Ummar and Beit Fajjar in the middle of the night and arrested the four terrorists who were responsible for the firebomb attacks.

The Commander of the 8132nd Battalion, Lt. Col. (Res.) Yehoshua Strik said, "I am proud of the commanders and reservists of the Etzion Brigade, of the responsibility and commitment that each and every one of the fighters demonstrates in order to allow the residents a routine life."

"The arrest of the squad members expresses the determination of the fighters and the Etzion Brigade in particular. We will not allow terrorism to raise its head and harm the security of the residents of Gush Etzion," Strik added.