Houston, Texas
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The suburban Houston, Texas area was targeted over the weekend with antisemitic flyers for at least the second time since December.

The driveways of two subdivisions in Atascocita were littered with pamphlets featuring antisemitic and racist propaganda, ABC13 reported.

A home surveillance camera recorded a vehicle driving by, with an occupant tossing out plastic bags with the flyers weighed down by rocks.

So many flyers were thrown out of the vehicle that neighbours reported picking up garbage bags full of the antisemitic hate literature.

Residents called the police but they have not heard if an investigation has been opened.

Mark Toubin, the ADL’s southwest regional director, told ABC13 that they have been contacted about similar hate pamphlets being dropped in the southwest region nearly every weekend.

Toubin recommended that when someone finds hate literature they should immediately call the authorities.

He added that the ADL is tracking the groups that are dropping the antisemitic flyers in the Houston area.

"We understand that the people that find this in their yards or their driveways are outraged and upset, as they should be," Toubin said.

"But, we do applaud the people in Atascocita and elsewhere who recognize that these are messages of hate and that they are wrong. They're designed to attract attention for these organizations and so we appreciate when people who find these, not only reject the flyers and their messages, but reject the hate."