Yshai Amichai
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Time goes by and we’re not getting any wiser. Without even noticing it, we are getting older. While our generation ages, a new generation comes to replace it.

Do you realize that 2 years have passed since Corona put the world on hold? People were in lockdown, they lost their jobs or worked from home, they stopped traveling. Kids stopped going to school. People stopped seeing their families. Some got sick for a long time. Some even died.

Two years later and where are we now? Back where we started, except we are 2 years older, and our money is worth less than it was before. Our governments are in debt. Time has passed us by without any benefits.

People thought the world would come to an end in the year 2000, then in 2012. Some thought the Mashiach would come in 2020. We are now in 2022.

My generation was young and hopeful in the year 2000. That is long gone now. The young and hopeful people these days were born after the millennium passed. 9-11, the September 11 attacks, happened in 2001. That is history for people of military age these days.

People used to talk about Vietnam all the time. They rarely do nowadays. Does anyone remember the Balkan wars of the 90s? Do Croatia, Kosovo, or Bosnia ring any bells? Probably not. What about Crimea in 2014? You know, when Russia conquered it? What about when Russia said it would conquer all of Ukraine? Oh, that is now.

We have the inventors of “Palestine.” You know, that nation that transcends time and history. It never existed and now it’s all that matters to some people.
We had the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2021, now we have the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022, half a year later. When has that happened before? Who’s even noticing?

Time is marching ahead without us. We’ve been sitting around, getting old. We’ve missed the boat. Time will not come back to get us. We need to wake up and chase it before it’s too late.

What have we accomplished? Nothing. We have retreated into a virtual world. Our grandparents defeated the Nazis and built Israel. Our parents were peace and civil rights activists and fought in the Six-Day War. They were progressives and miracle makers.

What have we done? We tinkered with our computers and then our phones. We have LGBT+ activists to our credit and non-binary genders. We have the inventors of “Palestine.” You know, that nation that transcends time and history. It never existed and now it’s all that matters to some people.

We invented all sorts of computer languages and then used them to make programs, games, and websites, to immerse ourselves in them, until we realized we are missing out on friends and social life. We built social networks online, to sit in front of the same screens and share our views and pictures with people we never meet.

Our best engineers are dedicated to self-driving cars and metaverses, so that we can drive around oblivious to reality and plugged into the matrix. We don’t own tvs or go to movie theaters anymore, but we consume the media, social media, and streaming media nonstop wherever we go.

Just remember that while the bandwidth of our devices grows exponentially and we consume an ever-growing flow of information, we are not getting any wiser or any younger. Time is passing us by, leaving us behind in our lost worlds.

Our reality is getting uglier, and we are getting older, without noticing. Don’t wake up when it’s too late and be blown away by all that you’ve missed.

We could be doing so much more with our time, rather than fret about the increasing efficiency of our unsustainable lives. We could be fulfilling the dreams of lost generations and doing God’s holy work in the Promised Land.

We could create an ideal society in Israel that is governed by God’s Laws. We could do God’s Will and observe His Torah as a nation. We could give every Jew an inheritance in Israel and make this our permanent Homeland.

We could do miraculous things and live as heightened spiritual beings in God’s Presence. We could live the life of paradise in the Garden of Eden, where God is our King and we serve Him as His Blessed children. We could disconnect from our fabricated lives and return to the life God Intended for us.

Yshai Amichai is a father of six and an author with a legal education, whose books advocate upholding the Torah as a national Constitution. He may be contacted at: [email protected]