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Residents in Vancouver, Washington were shocked to find antisemitic flyers in plastic bags on their porches on Wednesday morning.

Similar to antisemitic flyers distributed in other American cities in the past few months, the hate literature blamed Jews for the pandemic.

Vancouver resident Ian Moore, who found one of the flyers in a plastic bag on his doorstep, told The Columbian that the flyer made him and his wife “physically ill.”

He contacted the Anti-Defamation League and the Vancouver Police Department.

The ADL was also contacted about similar flyers found in Eugene, Oregon on Wednesday morning.

The Vancouver flyers included the url for an antisemitic video platform featuring conspiracy content blaming the Jews for COVID-19.

The group that dumped the flyers in both cities is known to the ADL, which described it as an antisemitic extremist group.

The regional director of the Pacific Northwest chapter of the ADL, Miri Cypers, told the news outlet that the flyers, while not including a direct call for violence, are an attempt to intimidate and make residents feel unsafe.

“It’s easy to dismiss this as extreme ideas, but I think we know from recent years how bias can escalate to violence,” she said.

In recent months, there have been multiple incidents of similar antisemitic flyers found in cities across the U.S.

At the end of January, flyers were found in at least three Florida cities, including Miami Beach, Surfside and Fort Lauderdale.

Flyers have also recently been found in Houston, Boise and parts of California.

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