RamallahZack Wajsgras/Flash 90

The PLO Central Council decided on Wednesday to suspend recognition of the State of Israel until Israel recognizes the “state of Palestine” on the June 6, 1967 border with its capital in eastern Jerusalem.

At the conclusion of a meeting in Ramallah, the PLO Central Council issued a statement saying that the “state of Palestine” alone has sovereignty over Palestinian land and that "the presence of the occupation, its army and settlers on Palestinian land is an illegal presence that must be stopped immediately."

The Central Council called for the provision of international protection for the Palestinian people until it could exercise its full sovereignty, and also authorized the PLO Executive Committee to reshape the institutions of the Palestinian Authority in a manner consistent with the “state of Palestine” exercising sovereignty over its land.

The statement also emphasized the importance of moving from the Palestinian Authority to a sovereign state alongside opposition to the economic peace plan, the conflict management plan and confidence-building measures offered by Israel as an alternative to sustainable and just peace based on the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The PLO called on the US administration to implement President Joe Biden's statements regarding the administration's commitment to a two-state settlement, its opposition to the policy of forced expulsion of Palestinians from neighborhoods in Jerusalem, its support for preserving the Al-Aqsa Mosque, cessation of Israeli harm to places that are sacred to Christianity and to Islam and other “unilateral actions”.

The PLO also asked the US administration to reopen the US consulate in Jerusalem and the PLO office in Washington.