Daycare (illustration)
Daycare (illustration)ISTOCK

Petah Tikva police opened a complex and sensitive investigation this week following a complaint from the parents of a two-year-old girl about a suspicion that their daughter suffered physical abuse at her daycare, which they claimed led to a behavioral change on the part of the child.

Police began collecting testimonies from the girl's parents and later from other parents, along with seizing the daycare's cameras and viewing the documentation materials in accordance with a legal order.

With the development of the investigation, analysis of the evidence and viewing of the documentation materials, a number of cases of very severe violence were identified by the teacher against several of the children, including shaking, pulling hair, throwing children and other forms of violence.

This morning, police arrested the daycare director and the teacher. Police have asked the court to extend the remand of the director, a woman in her 50s, and the teacher, a woman in her 30s, until the end of the proceedings against them.