At Ben Gurion Airport
At Ben Gurion AirportFlash 90

Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov (Yesh Atid) has requested that the Prime Minister cancel the requirement for children to quarantine upon their entry into Israel.

Razvozov's initiative, if it succeeded, would apply to all children arriving in Israel, both Israeli and foreigners, so long as they arrive together with their vaccinated parents.

In a Sunday morning tweet, Razvozov wrote: "The goal: From March 1, 2022, unvaccinated children (up to age 18) will be allowed to enter, accompanied by their vaccinated parents. This is how it is done in many countries, and when the infection coefficient drops globally, only a few countries have vaccinated children. We must not remain behind. Our determined decision today will save tourism during the Passover season, during which many tourist families are expected to arrive in Israel."

Razvozov's initiative is an economic one, and no official decision has been made. Furthermore, the initiative will need the approval of the Prime Minister and Coronavirus Cabinet, which it has not yet received.

According to Israel Hayom, Razvozov's initiative would have all arrivals quarantine until they receive the results of their coronavirus tests, after which anyone whose result was negative would be allowed to leave quarantine.

Last week, Razvozov tweeted: "This is what the tourism [industry] needs in order to return to sanity: Entry of those who received three vaccines, even after 180 days from their last vaccine. Entry of unvaccinated children accompanied by vaccinated parents. A solution to the issue of [entry for] recovered people. Only one test upon arrival in Israel, instead of two. These are some of the processes which I will present at the Coronavirus Cabinet, because tourism requires certainty in order to be profitable."