Khan al Ahmar
Khan al AhmarBinyamin spokesperson

The Binyamin Regional Council announced Sunday to the Defense Ministrythat it will file objections and do everything in its power to ensure that the illegal Bedouin outpost Khan al-Ahmar is not regulated and recognized in its territory.

This follows the report that the state intends to relocate the outpost 300 meters from its current location and re-establish it.

An official letter sent by the Binyamin Council to the Defense Ministry reads: "We strongly oppose establishing the outpost within the council's areas in a national, security and council strategic area. We will do everything possible to prevent such a foolish plan."

In a letter sent to Defense Ministry Adviser on Settlement Affairs Avi Elimelech, Deputy Council Chairman Rafol Engel wrote that "it is inconceivable that the possibility of relocating the illegal compound to the council's borders and promoting the establishment of a new Palestinian village in Area C is being discussed without an official contacting the council to obtain its position on the matter."

Engel added that the council would oppose the plan in any way. "We strongly oppose this proposal which seeks to establish the outpost within the council's areas in a national, security and strategic area."

He said, "There is no plausible justification for promoting this proposal, certainly certainly when the state invested many millions and prepared plots and established alternative infrastructure to relocate the illegal outpost to the village of Abu Dis, a few minutes drive from the compound."

The council demanded that the state "stop the promotion of this foolish plan immediately and not to inform the court of such an intention."

Binyamin Regional Council chairman Israel Gantz said: "We will not accept a situation in which the State of Israel will establish a settlement in the territory of Binyamin, a reward for those who took over the nation's lands illegally. This is a message that encourages the establishment of illegal settlements that will deprive the Jewish people of their land. We will take all steps to ensure that this intention does not come to fruition."