Dubai airport
Dubai airportReuters

Dubai authorities recently told Israeli airlines that beginning next week, security protocols will change.

The changes will take effect on Tuesday, and Shabak (Israel Security Agency) refuses to approve the flights under the new protocols.

Israel's Foreign Ministry, the Prime Minister's Office, and Shabak are working to solve the issue so as to allow flights to and from Dubai to continue.

In a statement, Shabak said, "The operations of Israeli airlines on the Israel-Dubai flight route were allowed until now thanks to agreements which Israeli security bodies reached with their Dubai colleagues, in accordance with Israeli security policies used around the world. During the past few months, disagreements came up regarding security matters, between the authoritative bodies in Dubai and the Israeli flight security system, in a fashion which does not allow us to carry out our responsibilities to secure Israeli flights."

"At this stage, efforts are ongoing in an attempt to find a solution to the disagreements with the Dubai authorities and reach understandings which will allow Israeli security bodies to carry out their responsibilities to secure Israeli flights. At the same time, if the Israeli airlines do end flights on this route, we are examining the option of moving the Israeli flights to Abu Dhabi.

"It should be emphasized that the disagreements are regarding security, in comparison to the standard kept in the Dubai airport, and are not related at all to diplomatic or regional matters."