Britain on Friday said it rejected Amnesty International’s allegation that Israel applies a policy of “Apartheid” towards Palestinian Arabs, but also called on Israel to respect international law.

"We do not agree with this terminology," said a spokesperson from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office quoted by JPost.

At the same time, the spokesperson also cautioned that it was important for Israel to respect human rights.

"As a friend of Israel, we have a regular dialogue on human rights. This includes encouraging the Government of Israel to abide by its obligations under international law and do all it can to uphold the values of equality for all,” said the spokesperson.

Amnesty caused an uproar this week when it released a report accusing Israel of “Apartheid” against Palestinian Arabs.

In addition to being condemned by the Israeli Foreign Ministry, it was also condemned in the United States.

US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides denounced the report, writing on Twitter, “Come on, this is absurd. That is not language that we have used and will not use.”

State Department spokesperson Ned Price told reporters, "I reject the view that Israel's actions constitute apartheid. The department's own reports have never used such terminology."

"I think that it is important, as the world's only Jewish state, that the Jewish people must not be denied their right to self-determination, and we must ensure there isn't a double standard being applied," he added.

In addition, a group of nine US lawmakers from the Democratic party issued a statement denouncing the Amnesty International report.

In response to the US criticism, Amnesty International called on the US administration to pressure Israel to stop its alleged apartheid against Palestinian Arabs.

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