Magen David Adom ambulance (illustration)
Magen David Adom ambulance (illustration)iStock

A woman of about 60 years of age was rammed to death Tuesday morning in the southern Bedouin Arab city of Rahat, Israel Hayom reported.

Initial investigations show that the driver of a vehicle hit two other cars parked near the city's market.

As a result, one of the two vehicles hit lost control and rammed a pedestrian.

Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedics arriving at the scene found a woman who had no signs of life, and following a medical examination had no choice but to declare her death.

Two days ago, 14 people were injured in a traffic accident in Beit Horon, which was caused by a police chase, after police identified a vehicle suspected of being stolen as it drove on Route 443. Apparently, the escaping vehicle hit a civilian vehicle carrying workers.

One of the suspects in the vehicle suspected of being stolen was arrested and taken for questioning. Another suspect who was in the vehicle escaped the scene on foot, and forces were called in to search the area and manage the scene of the accident.